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PAA Research

PAA Research, the owner and operator of, is an independent research firm that provides investment ideas backed by extensive fundamental and primary research to professional money managers and high net worth individuals. The company strives to generate action-oriented investment ideas with high absolute return potential.

Recent Reports

  Z: Pricing Looks to be the Lever of Last Resort; Plenty of Potential Negative Catalysts on the Horizon

As long time followers of PAA Research know, we have a fair amount of experience dealing with heavily shorted stocks.  This is not our first rodeo with a stock that experiences a vicious rally that seems to have been induced in part by short.....

  TRLA: Closing Out TRLA Short Idea with (-62.3%) Loss, 0.1% Alpha Generation, Z Remains Our Top Short Idea

We are closing out our TRLA short idea with a (-62.3%) loss following the company's acquisition by Zillow.  Many, if not most elements of our short thesis on TRLA did indeed play out: in almost every way the company remains second if not thi.....

  COCO: Closing Out COCO Short Idea with 99.9% Gain, 176.1% Alpha Generation

COCO shares were delisted from the NASDAQ today.  We are closing out our COCO short idea with a 99.9% ABSOLUTE gain and 176.1% alpha generation.  It is our goal to identify short ideas that have 100% absolute return potential.  Obviously, .....

  CSGP: Throwing the Marketing Gauntlet Down in Rentals Could Have Negative Implications for Everyone, Including CSGP and Zillow

“So hold on tight, with all your might… Cause MC's [market caps] crumble when we rumble… Cause in this battle, I’m takin no prisoners, I’m slayin MC's right on the spot -          W.....

  ZU: It Really Was Blue Nile Redux, Closing out ZU Short Idea with a 55.9% Gain, 64.6% Alpha Generation

Approximately 6-months ago we introduced ZU as a short idea. At that time our thesis was as follows:
  • Zulily’s TAM is HUGELY overstated. Bulls make the case that the markets in which Zulily participates generate.....