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PAA Research

PAA Research, the owner and operator of, is an independent research firm that provides investment ideas backed by extensive fundamental and primary research to professional money managers and high net worth individuals. The company strives to generate action-oriented investment ideas with high absolute return potential.

Recent Reports

  Z: When You’re Trying to Change the Narrative Why Let the Details Get in the Way of a Good Story – The Truth about ARPU Growth

Now it’s starting to make sense.  Now we understand why Zillow agreed to pay $3.5B for a company which by almost every measure is 2nd or 3rd rate in the listings aggregation space.  Now we are starting to comprehend .....

  ESI: It Finally Has Come to This – Who Is the Lender of Last Resort? Lowering Price Target to $5

In the process of taking his jacket off, the Artiste [Harry Zale] thrust his thick chest forward. Running down it were a pair of suspenders. They were broad and black, these suspenders, and even at the other end of the table you couldn.....

  WWE: De-Risking the Story as the Company Evolves Into a “Free Cash Flow Compounder”

When we think about the path in shares of WWE over the past 6-9 months, the perception of the company went from mature to explosive growth to mismanaged to what we think now is a compelling “free cash flow compounder” – all since last S.....

  WWE: Tempering Expectations on Network Subs, While Cost Cuts Come Into Focus

Tomorrow WWE will report its 2Q14 operating results. While the magnitude of operating losses in the quarter will be of some degree of importance, for now everyone will likely be focused on one thing – the total number of subscribers to the .....

  For-Profit EDU: The Career College Crisis of Summer 2014; Checks Suggest Continued Weakness in Fundamentals – Where Is the Turn?

“The cheaters usually get caught--just never soon enough. Plenty more heads will roll.”
  • Anonymous executive in the for-profit education space
Given our longstanding bearish stance on companies in the for-.....