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PAA Research

PAA Research, the owner and operator of, is an independent research firm that provides investment ideas backed by extensive fundamental and primary research to professional money managers and high net worth individuals. The company strives to generate action-oriented investment ideas with high absolute return potential.

Recent Reports

  Z/CSGP: Can Rentals Save the Zillow Narrative? Don’t Count On It; CSGP Increasingly Looks Like a “Leap of Faith”, Time to Get Short

“…the long-term opportunity for Rentals, we look at competitors in the rental space kind of pure play what they call ILSs or Internet Listing Sites, Internet Listing Services and we see a couple of companies …. with Web and mobile e.....

  WWE: Concerns Surrounding Network Churn Overshadow What Should Be the Bigger Story – OIBDA and Cash Flow

Heading into WWE’s 3Q14 earnings release here’s what we said about how the stock might react to the Network subscriber number (all else being equal): “Here’s how we think the stock COULD trade based on a variety of Network subs.....

  WWE: Framing Expectations Heading Into 3Q14 Earnings; The Bar Has Been Lowered More Than You Might Think

In the context of the volatility in WWE shares thus far this year, the 20% trading range for the stock over the past three months can only be described as tranquil.  Perhaps more importantly the relative amount of “chatter” surrounding s.....

  ESI: A Temporary Reprieve from, but Likely Not a Full Resolution of the Company’s Liquidity Woes

There’s a well-known adage in this business that the “highs are never as high as the lows are low”.  No truer statement could be made about our feelings on our short call on ESI today even with ESI shares down 72% YTD.  We introduced .....

  ESI: All That Matters Are Starts and Cash, Both of Which Appear to Be In Increasingly Short Supply; ESI Needs to Raise Capital In Our View

From our perspective, the long awaited filing of ESI’s 2013 10-K was as notable for what was NOT in the document as for what was.  After all, at this stage the only two data points that truly matter for ESI are: 1) New student starts, and .....